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Pawn stores are always the go-to places of people who are in need of urgent financial assistance. With the rate of unemployment today at a near-50-year-low this year, we are expecting more Americans to be in need of cash to get by and probably turn to a Halifax pawn shop for a quick fix to secure other loans or cover some financial expenses. 

Here are some services that Halifax pawn shops offer:

Collateral-based loans - Pawnshops in Halifax provide collateral-based loans where a customer could loan money in exchange for something valuable. Pawnbrokers keep the item until the customer can repay the amount loaned. But the customer will not get a loan amount that equates the value of his item. Instead, he gets a small fraction of the item’s value.

Buys valuable items - A Halifax pawn shop may also purchase valuable items, although pawnbrokers are more eager to take items in exchange for loans as this is more profitable for the business. 

But before going to a Halifax pawn shop to get a quick loan here is what you know about buying and selling at a pawnshop.

Do some research - Find the right pawnshop by doing some research online to read up on the reviews of other people who have tried their services. There might be shops which specialize in golds, antiques or collector’s items which you have, but always remember to choose a reputable shop.           

Decide whether to pawn or sell - Negotiations for the price often take place in pawn shops as pawnbrokers run the business to resell and not collect the item. That’s why dealing with collectors and pawnbrokers is different. Make sure you have already decided whether you want to pawn or sell the items by understanding your options. Ask yourself: Can I repay this loan on the specified date? Am I getting the reasonable amount for the value of my item?

Be prepared in showing your collateral - Whether it is a piece of an antique item, gold jewelry or a gadget, make sure you have brought the items in their best look. If it is jewelry, make sure to bring the appraisal paper.

Make sure to pay back on time - Loans provided by the pawn shops are payable in a specific period. Failing to pay on time will cost additional charges or will forfeit the item.

Read the terms carefully - Whether you are selling or pawning a valuable item, make sure you have read the terms and conditions. This document will explain you of the pawn shop’s guarantees and policies.

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