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While gold is highly regarded as a hedge investment to protect an investor from the eventuality of a stock market crash, it does not come without risk, especially to those who are unfamiliar on how to spot the red flags in gold buying and selling.

Before thinking about transacting with a gold dealer, both buyers and sellers should always do their research to get proper information on a gold dealer.

Here are some of the things to watch out for when looking for a Halifax gold dealer:

Learn from other people’s experiences - There are many gold dealers out there who already make transactions online. Make sure to check out the reviews if there are any to know more about a potential gold dealer.  If they don’t have websites or they don’t post customer reviews, you may ask around either offline or online or check out whether a company was accredited by the Better Business Bureau or BBB. You may also read up on customer’s review at the BBB’s website.

Check their pricing - Gold pricing should be updated daily. Look out for dealers who pay over 70% to 98% of the value for your gold. Some gold dealers pay less than 20% of the gold’s melt value. There are also some dealers who pay less for gold items sold in smaller quantities. The value of gold should reflect that of the current daily price regardless of the quantity a seller is willing to offer.

Pricing per gram - Look out for gold dealers in Halifax who pay based on the actual weight of the gold. Some of the dealers would give a value that is rounded down to the nearest gram giving the client a lesser value of the actual purity of the gold.

Online transactions vs. actual store transactions - Many people are lured into taking offers of gold buyers who offer to buy their gold through the mail. Gold is a valuable item, and you might get more compared to the value you think your gold coin or jewelry has. Better gold dealers offer cashable cheques and include their clients in determining the gold’s weight and purity.

What Halifax Gold Dealers Offer

Halifax Gold is part of the nationwide network, Canada Gold – the country’s largest and most trusted precious metal dealers. The Better Business Bureau accredits Canada Gold because of its transparency, honesty and unparalleled customer service. They test the purity of the item with the clients to make sure that the customer is involved in every step of the trading process.

The pricing of gold in Halifax Gold is updated daily, and clients can see it on the website giving them the idea how much they will get before they book an appointment. Halifax Gold also offers a highly professional business environment where clients feel secure.

The company started buying, selling, refining and recycling gold, silver and other precious metals and has since practice to offer the clients with the best price for precious metals using state-of-the-art equipment to measure and determine the purity of the item. They provide free estimates and clients will not be obligated to sell their items.

Canada Gold is spread all over 12 locations across Canada, including Halifax. Visit Halifax Gold at 1461 Brenton St. near Spring Garden Road or call them at (902) 444-7233 for any inquiry or to set an appointment.

Halifax Gold Dealer
Halifax Gold
1461 Brenton St., Halifax, BC B3J 3S7

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