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If you are among those who like keeping silver and gold coins when they were young, it’s the perfect time to take them out from your antique boxes or coin banks and consider them as a valuable investment that you have kept for a long time. Whether you are buying or selling coins, your best option in trading is to find an excellent coin dealer.

There are many Halifax coin dealers in the area, but to get the real value of your coins, it is essential to look for a coin dealer that is trusted by most customers and has already built a name in the industry.

Here are some tips you need to know when you are looking for Halifax coin dealers:

Make sure to tap accredited coin dealers - One of the best security checks before dealing with a business entity is to find out whether the business is operating with a license or is accredited by trusted marketplaces, such as the Better Business Bureau.

Look for the one with experience - Coin dealers who have been in business for years would show that they have acquired the trust of customers and were referred mostly by previous clients. Trust in the business of coin dealership is very important since finding an honest and credible dealer nowadays proves to be a challenge for some. If you are buying, you should go to someone who is knowledgeable and reliable to make sure you are investing in something that has genuine and great value.

Compare buying and selling prices - Before you trade with any coin dealer, make sure you have already chosen the best price offer out in the market. Ask around and compare prices. Doing your research will ensure that you only trade with that which gives the best price guarantee.

Choose a coin dealer who is transparent in their pricing - If you are selling or buying gold and silver coins, make sure to transact with a coin dealer who follows updated pricing of precious metals and coins. Sometimes, coin dealers would take a jar full of coins for only a lesser value after claiming that they have given a generous offer. Leave the offer and find a dealer where you are involved in the testing of your precious coins and whose prices follow the daily update on gold and silver pricing. 

Why Should You Choose Halifax Gold Coin Dealers?

Halifax Gold is a division of Canada Gold and is the number one gold buyer in the area. At Halifax Gold, we offer the highest payout for precious metals and coins. Halifax Gold provides a free quote and will not haggle to push the clients to either buy or sell his coins. We also use the state of the art equipment to test your coins ensuring a 99.9% accuracy.

Whether you intend to sell a gold maple leaf coin, hundreds of Canadian quarters or dimes before 1968, commemorative coins, or silver dolls, you are sure to get more value than what you think you can make from your coins. Halifax Gold offers a cash-on-the-spot trade and $30 or above payments will come in a check which customers can encash right away.

Call us now at (902) 444-7233or drop by our shop at 1461 Brenton Halifax, NS.

Halifax Gold
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